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The following self-study and webinar courses are designed to help you focus on improving your skills in order to perform better on the job and help managers build a strong infrastructure and operate more efficiently. Each course is 1.5 hours in length and some include handout materials. In-person and live webinars are also available. Learn essential skills to take your organization to the next level!

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Employee Development Courses

#1  Workplace Wellness

Building on foundations content, this workshop unpacks the notion of parallel process in a trauma-informed care system, setting the foundation for both individual and organizational responsibility for workplace wellness. Participants will be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of toxic stress on themselves, their teams, and organizations. We will focus on individual and organizational best practices in the areas of emotional, physical, social, and professional wellness.

Price: $45.00  



#2  Maintaining a Positive Work/Life Balance

An unbalanced work/life can create stress and makes it difficult to focus on the day-to-day operations. This session will provide tools for success to effectively balance your work and personal life as a leader and help you create a healthy work/life balance in the workplace.

Price: $45.00  


#3  Organizational Trauma Training

Participants will gain an understanding of the effects of organizational trauma in the workplace. This workshop will help you determine what impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on employees, develop strategies to reduce their stress and anxiety, build resilience, and assist them in making the necessary adjustments.

Price: $45.00



#4  Implementing Trauma-Informed Care Practices In Your Organization

In human services, there is a need to develop a culture within organizations using trauma-informed care practices that are thoroughly incorporated in all aspects of service delivery. This workshop provides guidance for supervisors, managers and other champions on how to develop trauma-informed care practices in your organization. A roadmap for the implementation of trauma-informed care practices along with resources to guide the process are explored. 

Price: $49.00   



Organizational Development Courses

#1 Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI): What Does It Really Mean?

CQI is an organization-wide process that advances efficient, effective service delivery and achievement of strategic and program goals. Students will learn the nuts & bolts of the continuous quality improvement process. This process relies on an organizational culture that is open and ready to support continuous learning. The CQI system can be incorporated into your agency-wide improvement plans, ongoing monitoring of trauma-informed care practices, and other initiatives.

Price: $45.00 



#2 Giving Positive Feedback to Staff

This webinar will equip students with the skills to provide their staff with feedback to allow them to grow and develop as professionals. The goal of feedback is to achieve work objectives by reinforcing or changing behavior. Feedback can help improve relationships, processes and results. This session will also cover reasons why staff don’t always “get it", and ways to give corrective feedback.

Price: $45.00


#3 Creating SMART Goals That Will Enhance Staff & Agency Performance

Students will learn the importance of goal setting. Goals are a written statement that clearly describes certain actions or tasks with a measurable end result. If you stick to the SMART method, it will help you significantly when writing goals. Topics of discussion also include: what steps to take to establish performance goals, characteristics of staff performance goal setting, ways to involve staff in the process, and how to implement a performance management plan that works.

Price: 45.00



#4 Organizational Change

The students will receive useful information on why change is necessary and when it is appropriate. Organizational change refers to organization-wide change that could affect your staff in many ways. The factors that cause change vary, however, the end result is that it can be an opportunity for your organization to go to a higher level of performance.

Price: $45.00



#5 Creating & Monitoring An Effective Change Management Plan

This session will focus on what is needed to ensure that change is sustained. In the field of human services, change is constant and crucial to keeping organizations cutting-edge in their commitment to best practice service delivery. Often, this on-going demand for change requires a paradigm shift at every level in the organization. This, at times, can cause minor and major ripples in the newly created culture. Students will understand how they are an instrument of change, develop and monitor change management strategies, and learn how to overcome resistance from staff.

Price: $45.00



#6 How to Develop SMART Program Improvement & Corrective Action Plans

In a performance-based driven society, it is important for organizations to always be focused on how well they are currently performing as well as the areas in need of improvement. This session will help the student to learn how to analyze the results of quality assurance data, develop effective performance improvement strategies and utilize a strength-based approach in order to see better results.

Price: $45.00



#7 Board Governance

This training webinar will equip your Board with the knowledge and skills necessary to be competent leaders and to ensure that they have a comprehensive understanding of board operations.

Price: $69.00



#8 Strategic Planning

Participants will receive an overview of strategic planning, learn how to effectively conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, and Opportunities & Threats) Analysis and develop goals that will help your organization be clear on its direction. This training will also take a look at strategic planning models and steps to take to prepare for the Strategic Plan.

Price: $45.00



#9 Building Your Team for Success

Building a successful team is the process of improving collective performance. This includes your team members working together to accomplish the established organizational goals and how to ensure greater impact when working collaboratively with external stakeholders. Students will take a look at the dynamics of team building and collective impact to better understand what it takes to create synergy and build harmonious teams.

Price: $45.00



#10 Management Operations

Today, it is imperative that management staff and board of directors alike have the knowledge, skills and ability to ensure that the services they provide are of the highest quality and are carried out in a well-managed organization. This session will equip the student with an overview of how small, medium and large-size organizations can develop a strong organizational infrastructure and gain insight on ways to effectively manage their day-to-day operations.

Price: $45.00



#11 Creative Ways to Build Capacity Within Your Organization

Are you ready to move beyond your current level of organizational capacity? This session will focus on the development of capacity building. Students will receive practical tools to help self-evaluate their organization in order to understand and track capacity and begin to plan ways to improve it. You will also discover valuable lessons learned from other organizations that have engaged in successful capacity building.

Price: $45.00



#12 Understanding the Impact of Your Role as the Program Administrator

As a Program Administrator, you are charged with carrying out the strategic plans and reporting on your organization’s ongoing progress to your Board of Directors. In this session, the students will receive an overview of the Program Administrator’s primary roles, responsibilities and functions.

Price: $45.00


#13 Managing Ethics in the Workplace

The purpose of this session is to help students learn easy and practical ways to address ethical issues with their staff and ensure that decisions are made with the highest level of integrity. Students will leave this session with the knowledge and understanding of how to address issues and concerns through a structured process and develop a plan of action that works.

Price: $45.00



#14 Managing Complaints and Unusual Incidents

The purpose of this session is to help students take a look at the processes that are currently in place to address internal and external complaints and incidents that occur with the children, youth, or your staff. You will be equipped with better ways to address these issues and learn how to create an internal system for tracking, monitoring, reporting and viewing these complaints and incidents on a systemic level to improve your organization’s overall performance.

Price: $45.00



#15 Ensuring Safe Work Environments

This session will take a look at how to ensure that your organizational culture is thriving. Sensitive issues (i.e. substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, violence) facing staff will be discussed to facilitate a more open and high functioning work environment.

Price: $45.00



#16 How to Develop an Efficient Risk Management Plan

Organizations should regularly undertake comprehensive, focused assessment of potential risks to the organization. This focused assessment should occur at least twice a year by a team of staff members representing all the major functions of the organization. The assessment should be carefully planned, documented and methodically carried out.

Price: $45.00   



#17 Creative Ways to Fundraise & Build Sustainable Profits

This session will discuss creative ways to increase your budget’s bottom line. In today’s society, there is limited government funding. It is critical for management staff to be actively raising funds to ensure that they are able to obtain and sustain the needed resources for their organization.

Price: $45.00



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