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6 Undeniable Ways How Employee Training Helps Your Business Grow

Training is available to help employees and leaders enhance their skills, strengthen their organization's well-being, and transform its culture. To view a list of the topics Click here 


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Employee Wellness Coaching is for employees and management staff to help you prioritize your self-care in the workplace and make positive changes to your overall well-being. Clients will be be able to create a wellness plan to improve your mindset and habits at work, and encourage you every step of the way until you accomplish your goals. 

Leadership Coaching is available for business and nonprofit leaders who desire to enhance their skills and lead their teams well. Allow us to assist you in identifying areas where you are stuck, develop an action plan, and provide you with ongoing support in order to experience real breakthrough.

Wellness Products

Our products help you boost your immune system, gain energy, assists in anti-aging, etc., and includes CBD, ramon seeds, and MCT oil. To receive a product list call us directly on (301) 503-4743.

Wellness Support Groups & Retreats

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Our virtual peer support groups will offer a confidential space to discuss issues in today's society that directly impact you in the workplace. You will have an opportunity to hear from other group members on what they are doing to improve their well-being, and receive wellness tips from the group leader to inspire you to do your job "well" despite any challenges. 

We also offer wellness, team-building, and strategic planning staff & board retreats. 



Legacy Support Services will assist in implementing wellness and leadership practices in your workplace. Our services include assessments and strategic planning to help you map out your direction, review processes and policies. Objective and skilled facilitation is provided to help your team work together and navigate through the process of transformation.

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